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Revaluing, rediscovering and preserving
ancestral knowledge and flavors from Bolivian nature.


Sabores Silvestres promotes the conservation of biodiversity, the preservation of food heritage and the promotion of Bolivian gastronomic culture.

Gustu and Wildlife Conservation Society are dedicated to the research, understanding, conservation and sustainable transformation of products from all Bolivian ecoregions and ecosystems.

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Sabores Silvestres ventures to protected areas and natural places in Bolivia with an impressive biological wealth.

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Indigenous territories and culture

Bolivia also has an immense wealth in terms of indigenous territories and culture.

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Ancestral flavors

Our inspiration derives from the Bolivian natural pantry, but also from traditional knowledge, culture and the participation of local people that encourage a journey to the heart of the producers.

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Expediciones de sabores

Bolivia has a wide altitude gradient, which has given rise to different ecological levels in which we can find a wide range of products. Learn about our trips to extraordinary places in Bolivia.

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Unique products

We identify ingredients with gastronomic potential through interdisciplinary field trips in Bolivia, and associated research to document the cultural, biological and gastronomic significance of each ingredient. Learn about the magic of each of the fascinating products that Sabores Silvestres has identified.

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Protected areas visited

Sabores Silvestres has visited 4 national protected areas so far. Get to know them!

Indigenous territories visited

Indigenous territories such as the Marka Cololo Copacabana Antaquilla, Lecos of Apolo, Lecos of Larecaja, Tacana and T’simanes Moseten were the first indigenous territories that Sabores Silvestres visited.

Agreements made

Gustu and WCS made agreements with various community producers for the distribution of their products, developing a market with different restaurants and the general public.


Until now Jardín de Asia, Chifa Thai, Gustu, Ali Pacha and the Hipermaxi supermarket have requested products featured by Sabores Silvestres.

Participating press media

National and international press participated in the different Sabores Silvestres expeditions. We invite you to read these publications


Producers from different communities were able to participate in the Ñam Bolivia fair. Learn more about this fair

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Conoce los principales viajes realizados por Sabores Silvestres


Some of the photographs taken on the Sabores Silvestres expeditions

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"Sabores Silvestres connects rural producers with markets that are willing to recognize their conservation efforts. The idea is to share experiences and investigate poorly known and locally consumed products and promote their sustainable consumption."

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