Sabores Silvestres generates different benefits for local communities, including contact between producers and clients interested in purchasing specific products, as well as exposure and dissemination of information through the expeditions and press coverage. Here are some of the indicators of the project.

Protected areas visited

Sabores Silvestres has visited 4 national protected areas so far. Get to know them!

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Indigenous territories visited

Sabores Silvestres has so far visited five indigenous territories: Marka Cololo Copacabana Antaquilla, Lecos de Apolo, Lecos de Larecaja, Tacana and T’simanes Moseten. We invite you to meet them.

Agreements made

Gustu and WCS made agreements with various community producers for the distribution of their products, developing a market with different restaurants and the general public



Until now Jardín de Asia, Chifa Thai, Gustu, Ali Pacha and the Hipermaxi supermarket have requested products featured by Sabores Silvestres

Participating press media

National and international press participated in the different Sabores Silvestres expeditions. We invite you to read these publications



Producers from different communities were able to participate in the Ñam Bolivia fair. Learn more about this fair