SABORES SILVESTRES promotes the conservation of biodiversity, the preservation of food heritage and the promotion of Bolivian gastronomic culture through the work of an interdisciplinary group of professionals dedicated to research, understanding, conservation and sustainable transformation of products from all Bolivian ecoregions and ecosystems.


SABORES SILVESTRES seeks a deeper understanding of the Bolivian natural pantry, recognizing that by understanding and preserving products we are also respecting them and promoting a sense of pride, recognition and sustainable livelihoods for rural communities, productive associations and the indigenous peoples of Bolivia.


Disseminate knowledge about native Bolivian products, their characteristics, qualities and ethnographic significance through an open access multimedia interactive platform that places the knowledge obtained through interdisciplinary and systematic research in the hands of the general public, promoting the conservation of ancestral products and the biodiversity and ecosystems where they occur.


Sabores Silvestres contemplates a deep and interdisciplinary view of Bolivian biodiversity, food heritage and gastronomic culture, from the cultural and ceremonial significance to the ancestral techniques and knowledge about native products of the different Bolivian ecosystems, seeking to tell the story behind each product, investigate its origins and uses, thereby rescuing and preserving their true value as the ancestral legacy of Bolivian gastronomic culture.


Sabores Silvestres ventures to protected areas and natural places in Bolivia with an impressive biological wealth.

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Indigenous territories and culture

Bolivia also has an immense wealth in terms of indigenous territories and culture.

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Ancestral flavors

Our inspiration derives from the Bolivian natural pantry, but also from traditional knowledge, culture and the participation of local people that encourage a journey to the heart of the producers.

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Bolivia has a wide altitude gradient, which has given rise to different ecological levels in which we can find a wide range of products. Learn about our trips to extraordinary places in Bolivia.

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The team

Gustu and WCS have formed a multidisciplinary working team. Chefs, biologists, agronomists, communicators and technicians carry out expeditions to discover different products, contact producers, and carry out multisectoral and interdisciplinary research to learn more about the gastronomic potential of Bolivia.


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